FTC Disclosure

We deal with lots of relationship advice sites on this blog. Our goal is to tell you about the best relationship tips, advice and sites that you can visit when looking to get back your ex, love or any thing in bettween. However, we do want you to be fully aware of how we operate in terms of how we manage different relationship/dating sites.

The information in this disclosure is required by us to state in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC asks us to list this information as needed. First, we do talk about plenty of relationship advice/dating sites. While we do like to talk about the pros and cons of the best dating sites that are around, we have to remind you that we are not paid by any of these sites for their information nor are we being influenced by these sites in terms of what we review or write.

All of the information that we do write relates to what we feel we should be writing as well as factoring in what websites we should be writing about when getting our profiles ready. Sometimes we use testimonials that relate to how these relationship advice/dating sites work. We get our testimonials on our own time with only people who have agreed to give their information to us. We do not take in testimonials that are paid for by the sites that we write about. Also, none of the people on this site work for any of the relationship/dating sites that we write about.

We like to keep our reviews and other features as fair and balanced as possible. We use advertisements on this site solely as a means of making it so we can get money off of the site and keep it running. This money is also used to help with paying those who write for us. There are cases where advertisements might end up being for websites that we write about. This is especially the case with the Google Adsense advertisements that we use. These ads are not controlled by us in any way.

These ads may even occur if you went to a relationship/dating site like the ones that we link up to. Any cases where the ads on this site relate to different relationship/dating sites will be coincidental. We also use third party links on the site. We use these to give people direct access to the relationship/dating sites that we write about. In some cases we use these to send people to places where they can pay for things. In some cases we will get commissions off of customers who click on these links and buy things off of them.

We do not get commissions when people don’t go through our direct links. Finally, these links are all determined by us without any influence from any other parties. We choose the links that we create based on what we feel is relevant for the needs that visitors like you might have. Thanks for taking a look at our FTC disclosure. We hope this explains how we are independent from the relationship/dating sites that we write about.